TV Appearances

ABC's The Great American Baking Show - Season 2 (2016-17)

Dreams really do come true. After baking along with early seasons of the BBC's The Great British Bake Off, Ashlyn Morgan decided to try out for the whimsical reality show that had stolen her heart and inspired her to bake. Ashlyn was 1 of 10 amateur bakers chosen for season 2 of ABC's spin-off of the much beloved show. The bakers were flown out to Pinewood Studios in London, home to the iconic baking "Tent". Here the bakers were met by judges Mary Berry and Johnny Iuzinni as well as show hosts Nia Vardalos and Ian Gomez. Ashlyn was the youngest contestant and relied on her love of gardening and foraging to inspire the bakes she presented. Her use of unique ingredients like hemlock tree syrup and spicebush berries intrigued the judges as well as viewers at home. In episode #204 (Bread Week), Ashlyn took home the title of 'Star Baker'. But beyond the title of 'Star Baker,' Ashlyn took home many lifelong friendships with cast and crew and a renewed passion for pastry.

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INSP's State Plate - Season 3 (2018)

State Plate is a charming series that highlights the iconic foods of each state. When State Plate visits Tennessee, Ashlyn Morgan shows host Taylor Hicks how to cook up cornbread the old Appalachian way - 'cause nothing says Tennessee like a piping hot skillet of gritty, golden cornbread. In this side dish segment, Ashlyn gets to discuss some of her favorite things: mountain culture, family heirlooms, and farm living.

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